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fine arts fine arts fa page as a result of a temporary government shutdown portions of this website are not being updated at this time sculpture types a basic distinction is between sculpture in the round free standing sculpture such as statues not attached except possibly at the base to any other surface and the various types of relief which are at least partly attached to a background surface romanesque sculpture history characteristics public religious sculpture not until the very end of the 11th century were sculptures taken out of the sanctuaries and openly exposed to the view of the masses because the clergy no longer feared that they would take them for the images of ancient gods – bearing witness sculpture

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Image of: Bearing Witness Sculpture – Sculpture
Image of: Bearing Witness Sculpture – Sculpture
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Image of: Bearing Witness Sculpture – Sculpture
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Image of: Bearing Witness Sculpture – Sculpture
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Image of: Bearing Witness Sculpture – Sculpture

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