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creepy flower covered skeleton sculptures flowers and skeletons make one strange bination but that’s probably what makes laquieze’s sculptures so intriguing the contrast between morbidity and beauty creepy crawlers creepy crawlers or thingmaker is an activity toy made by mattel beginning in 1964 the toy consists of a series of cast metal moulds resembling various bug like creatures into which is poured a liquid chemical substance called "plastigoop" which es in assorted colours agora sculpture agora is an installation of 106 headless and armless iron sculptures at the south end of grant park in chicago designed by polish artist magdalena abakanowicz they were made in a foundry near poznań between 2004 and 2006 in 2006 the chicago park district brought the work to chicago as a permanent loan from the polish ministry of culture – creepy sculptures

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Creepy Sculptures - Patricia Broothaers – androgyn and Bashful Sculptures

Creepy Sculptures – Patricia Broothaers – androgyn and Bashful Sculptures Bilder

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Image of: Creepy Sculptures – Patricia Broothaers – androgyn and Bashful Sculptures

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